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Seasons of the Heart – Lyrics to Inspire

A popular theme for songwriters, Seasons of the Heart has provided hits for George Jones, Johnny Cash and later John Denver but why is it that people relate so well to seasons of the heart?

I guess it is because most people can connect to how they feel in relationships. Sometimes flowing smoothly, most relationships have seasons of happiness but other rockier times when there is sadness or disappointment. There are also moments when life is stagnant and nothing seems to be happening. It is as if we are weathering a storm and waiting for the sunshine to appear.

We feel different during each season and have certain expectations for the changing months. Sunshine brightens our lives and makes us happy so summer is a time when we can go out and enjoy the weather and outdoor activities. It is a time to add some fun to a relationship and enjoy what nature has to offer.

As Autumn approaches, the leaves fall, the days become shorter and colder. It is thought to be a time when people prepare to leave a relationship. It is also associated with dying or slowing down as people reach the end of their lives. For this it is considered to be a time of sadness.

Winter is a time of closure as we lock ourselves away from the cold and snow. Yet it is also a time of waiting and preparing ourselves for better things to come. It can be a time for nurturing our relationships. As we are cut off from the outside world, we can focus on loved ones within the confines of our home. Spring is seen as a season of hope. With the new growth in nature, everything blooms in a multitude of vivid colors, bringing with it expectations of brightness and fecundity. It is a time where relationships are thought to blossom.

The heart is an organ of vision that allows us to see below the surface, providing meaning in our lives. Every heart has a story to tell, a song to write. Most of us have a chapter we don’t like to read out loud. Our heart grows and changes, bringing its own seasons with particular purpose and richness.

Through storytelling you can explore the fullness of your heart in the seasons of your life. In doing so you can acknowledge the past, understand the present and help shape the future.

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