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In 2017, when Moira visited India she was so captivated by the sensorial images of the people and their culture that she picked up a pen and couldn’t stop writing. She didn’t go to India with the intention of writing a book but her appetite was whetted long before she went. As a yoga teacher, she'd studied the theory of Hindu teachings and philosophy yet longed to see them in practice. Despite having waited many years to get there, her passion never waned. After surviving life-threatening surgery, she'd almost given up hope of ever visiting India, but life provided her with a rare opportunity and she grabbed it with both hands.

Sometimes life journeys resemble those in Greek mythology. You receive a call to action and before you know it, you have crossed the threshold into the unknown. Moira's Indian journey was her most life-changing and inspired her to write her first book.


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“Chasing Marigolds” is a travel memoir, written as an interactive journal with meditations and recipes so readers too can experience the sensuality and vibrancy of India.

Her two latest fiction novels, “Where Sunbeams Falls” and “Where Dragonflies Dream” (the sequel) are both set in the exotic Shangri-La of Brunei Darussalam in Southeast Asia. Her inspiration and passion for writing this historical fiction  comes from having lived in Brunei during the 1970s and 80s.

During this time, Moira watched this tiny Islamic Sultanate gain its independence from the British and develop into the thriving modern state it is today. She wants to share this unique location, its fascinating culture, and the exciting time in which the stories were set. She hopes you have as much fun reading her books as she did writing them. 

As a child Moira wrote stories, allowing her imagination to run wild. As a teen she kept journals to help make sense of her world. As an adult she writes for creative expression, to put down on paper what she's feeling inside. When she writes she unleashes the pure joy of tapping into another world of endless thoughts, ideas, and possibilities. As she ventures into places she's been or is yet to go, she discovers characters who sometimes resemble those she knew or those who are about to unfold.

When she writes, she hopes to inspire and enlighten, to uplift and entertain but mainly, she writes to create pure magic from what she feels in her heart. 

Moira Yeldon
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