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historical and contemporary fiction

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About Moira

Moira lived in Western Australia before being bitten by the travel bug in her teens. A working holiday around Australia extended to New Zealand, followed by twelve years in Brunei, Southeast Asia which inspired her to write her two latest fiction novels. An early love of writing motivated her to complete a course in creative writing and she's been writing ever since.

Caravanning around Australia and travelling overseas have given her inspiration for her writing. Countries such as India and the tiny Shangri-La of Bandar Seri Begawan have provided exotic locations for her stories. You may not be surprised to hear that she's currently writing a novel set in Japan.

When she graduated from university and chose a career in teaching she had no idea she'd spend most of her life teaching everything from computing to languages, communication, religion, philosophy, sociology and yoga. The subject that interests her most is how to live life. It's what she loves writing about most and living every moment to the fullest. Currently she lives with her husband  in Perth, Western Australia.

She hopes you enjoy reading her stories. 

My Books



Chasing Marigolds

Visiting India was a lifelong dream but with major health issues, it seemed impossible to achieve. A chance finding of a book in a remote location led to a life-changing journey. Embracing the philosophy of yoga and ancient Hindu teachings Moira Yeldon found the courage to live but not before first confronting death.

While many go to India seeking a guru, enlightenment is not always what we imagine. This honest memoir marks the debut of a writer who discovers that humor exists in even the toughest moments in life and that unimaginable joys can happen without us knowing. It is a reminder to embrace life with all its uncertainties, to cherish the joyful times and the wonderful people who make them possible. Share in this inspirational journey of healing yoga, fun and food blended with the sensuality and vibrancy of India.

Available in Paperback and E-Book format.

Where Sunbeams Fall

When Debra left Australia, it wasn't  her plan to live in a tiny Islamic Sultanate in Southeast Asia. It was Alex’s dream to work in Brunei and the seventies were a time for pursuing dreams. She was young, still grieving the loss of her baby daughter, with no idea what she would find in this place so different from home.

If not for Rahim, she would have been navigating alone through this maze of unfamiliar culture, with its strange customs and people, and its strict cultural laws against falling in love.


'Where Sunbeams Fall' is about searching for acceptance; the desire to belong in a forbidden world.

Available in Paperback and E-Book format.

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Where Dragonflies Dream

There is nothing like a funeral to unravel the ghosts of the past. Debra’s husband has just died when her friend Josephine tells her of a reunion to a place where they once lived. Debra hopes taking her troubled son Sam back to his childhood home may help him connect with his roots. She also wonders what became of the lover she once knew and left behind there twenty years before.


For Josephine it is an escape from balancing the relentless demands of her adult daughter and aging mother. Her musician friend Mike, struggling with the aftermath of his divorce, sees the reunion as an opportunity to rekindle the joy of playing to an adoring expat crowd. 

On this life-affirming journey the friends search for what they have lost. They discover that while loss is something you eventually work through, love stays with you forever. 

Where Dragonflies Dream will take you into the hearts of ordinary people facing everyday problems regardless of time and place.

Coming Soon on Amazon
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